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"Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing." ~ Mother Teresa

Oh no.

Now I have the urge to write long episode reviews. 

I haven’t had this urge since BSG.

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Part 3 of coffee shop verse, which is really neverlendbooks' fault for encouraging me and presidentroslin's fault for making fun of me.

"So what’s the roast of the day?" Kara asked, as she tied on her apron at the start of her shift (Bill knew she didn’t really care, that it was just her way of asking for a free cup of coffee, but having seen Kara work with her customary hangover without the benefit of caffeine, he was more than willing to spot her a cup or two…particularly when he also had to put up with the dubious charms of Laura Roslin, who was currently unpacking her gear before her set.)

Kara took a sip and spat it straight back into the cup—“What the hell is that?” she demanded—“I like dark roasts as well as the next person, but that’s so bitter it’s unbearable.”

Bill smiled triumphantly—“I’m calling it the Laura Roslin,” he said.

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okaynextcrisis asked: How about...1 and 20?


1. Why did you decide to get a tumblr?

Because I felt so lonely on LJ, all by myself…

20. Do you know how to make edits/graphics? If so, how & when did you learn?

I think so? But I’m always learning. Not by reading tutorials (because I need to learn intuitively), I just try and fail and try again and experiment the hell out of photoshop

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samantha-carter-is-my-muse asked: 25 :)


25. Have you ever met up with someone you met on tumblr?

Noooo. And that makes me very sad. 

(Thank you for indulging me with questions!)

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otp meme - 1/5 ‘bed sharing scenes’:  

↳ Battlestar Galactica: Laura Roslin and Bill Adama

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Tumblr Questions


1. Why did you decide to get a tumblr?
2. When did you decide to get a tumblr?
3. Is this your first tumblr?
4. Do you have any side-blogs?
5. How many urls do you have saved, if any?
6. How many blogs do you follow?
7. Have you ever received hate?
8. Have you ever received anonymous hate?
9. What does your blog mostly consist of?
10. What do you look for in other blogs?
11. Who are your favorite blogs?
12. Do you prefer to have music or no music on a blog?
13. What do you think of autoplay music?
14. Have you ever used queue?
15. How many posts are in your queue?
16. Do you use the tags?
17. Do you ever tag your hate?
18. How many posts do you have?
19. Do you know how to make gifs? If so, how & when did you learn?
20. Do you know how to make edits/graphics? If so, how & when did you learn?
21. Do you use a free tumblr theme or a theme provided by a tumblr user?
22. Have you ever posted a selfie?
23. Have you ever used tumblr mobile?
24. Do you use tumblr savior or xkit?
25. Have you ever met up with someone you met on tumblr?
26. Do you follow any food blogs?
27. Screenshot your dashboard.
28. Screenshot the very first posts of your archive.
29. Screenshot a random page of your likes.
30. Post a selfie.

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